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CDIMAGE 2.47用法大全  

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CDIMAGE 2.47 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Premastering Utility
Copyright (C) Microsoft, 1993-2000. All rights reserved.
For Microsoft internal use only.
Usage: CDIMAGE [options] sourceroot targetfile
-l volume label, no spaces (e.g. -lMYLABEL)
-t time stamp for all files and directories, no spaces, any
(e.g. -t12/31/2000,15:01:00)
-g encode GMT time for files rather than local time
-h include hidden files and directories
-n allow long filenames (longer than DOS 8.3 names)
-nt allow long filenames, restricted to NT 3.51 compatibility
(-nt and -d cannot be used together)
-d don't force lowercase filenames to uppercase
-c use ANSI filenames versus OEM filenames from source
-j1 encode Joliet Unicode filenames AND generate DOS-compatible
filenames in the ISO-9660 name space (can be read by
Joliet systems or conventional ISO-9660 systems, but some
of the
filenames in the ISO-9660 name space might be changed to
with DOS 8.3 and/or ISO-9660 naming restrictions)
-j2 encode Joliet Unicode filenames without standard ISO-9660
(requires a Joliet operating system to read files from
the CD)
When using the -j1 or -j2 options, the -n, -nt, and -d
do not apply and cannot be used.
-js non-Joliet "readme.txt" file for images encoded with -j2
(e.g. -jsc:\location\readme.txt). This file will be
visible as
the only file in the root directory of the disc on
systems that
do not support the Joliet format (Windows 3.1, NT 3.x,
-u1 encode "UDF-Bridge" media
-u2 encode "UDF" file system without a mirror ISO-9660 file
(requires a UDF capable operating system to read the
-ur non-UDF "readme.txt" file for images encoded with -u2
(e.g. -usc:\location\readme.txt). This file will be
visible as
the only file in the root directory of the disc on
systems that
do not support the UDF format.
-us sparse UDF files
-ue embed file data in UDF extent entry
-uf embed UDF FID entries
-uv UDF Video Zone compatibility enforced
-b "El Torito" boot sector file, no spaces
(e.g. -bc:\location\cdboot.bin)
-p Platform ID for the "El Torito" boot catalog
-e Do not set floppy emulation mode in El Torito boot catalog
-s sign image file with digital signature (no spaces, provide
server and endpoint name like -sServerName:EndPointName)
-x compute and encode "AutoCRC" values in image
-o optimize storage by encoding duplicate files only once
-oc slower duplicate file detection using binary comparisons
than MD5 hash values
-oi ignore diamond compression timestamps when comparing files
-os show duplicate files while creating image
(-o options can be combined like -ocis)
-w warning level followed by number (e.g. -w4)
1 report non-ISO or non-Joliet compliant filenames or
2 report non-DOS compliant filenames
3 report zero-length files
4 report each file name copied to image
-y test option followed by number (e.g. -y1), used to generate
non-standard variations of ISO-9660 for testing purposes:
1 encode trailing version number ';1' on filenames (7.5.1)
2 round directory sizes to multiples of 2K (
5 write \i386 directory files first, in reverse sort order
6 allow directory records to be exactly aligned at ends of
(ISO-9660 conformant but breaks MSCDEX)
7 warn about generated shortnames for 16-bit apps under NT
b blocksize 512 bytes rather than 2048 bytes
d suppress warning for non-identical files with same
initial 64K
l UDF - long ads used in file entries instead of short ads
r UDF - number of ad's is random
w open source files with write sharing
t load segment in hex for El Torito boot image
(e.g. -yt7C0)
f use a faster way to generate short names
-k (keep) create image even if fail to open some of the source
-m ignore maximum image size of 681,984,000 bytes
-a allocation summary shows file and directory sizes
-q scan source files only, don't create an image file
NOTE: Many of these options allow you to create CD images
that are NOT compliant with ISO-9660 and may also
NOT be compatibile with one or more operating systems.
If you want strict ISO and DOS compliance, use the -w2
warning level and correct any discrepencies reported.
YOU are responsible for insuring that any generated CDs
are compatible with all appropriate operating systems.
Also note that Microsoft company information is placed
in the image volume header, so don't use this program
to generate CDs for companies other than Microsoft.
用法: CDIMAGE [选项] 源根目录名 目标文件名
-l 卷标,无空格(例如:-lMYLABEL)
-t 所有目录和文件的时间标记,无空格,任意分隔符(例如:-t12/31/2000,15:01:00)
-g 把文件时间从本地时间转换为GMT时间
-h 包含隐藏的文件和目录
-n 允许长文件名(比DOS的8.3文件名长)
-nt 允许长文件名,与NT3.51兼容(-nt与-d不能同时使用)
-d 不强制转换文件名的小写字母为大写字母
-c 使用ANSI文件名,不用源OEM文件名
-j1 在ISO-9660名字空间中使用Joliet Unicode文件名同时生成与DOS兼容的8.3文件名(可同时让Joliet系统或一般的ISO-9660系统读出,但ISO-9660名字空间中的有些文件名可能会改变以适应DOS 8.3和/或ISO-9660命名限制)
-j2 使用Joliet Unicode文件名而没有标准ISO-9660名字(需要Joliet操作系统来从CD中读取文件)
-js 使用-j2选项时,CD镜像中的非Joliet"readme.txt"文件(例如:-jsc:\location\readme.txt).对于不支持Joliet格式的系统(Windows3.1,NT3.x,等),这个文件是光盘根目录上唯一可见的文件。
-u1 制作"UDF-桥"媒介
-u2 制作"UDF"文件系统而不要ISO-9660文件系统镜像(需要能读取UDF的操作系统来读取文件)
-ur 使用-u2选项时,CD镜像中的非UDF"readme.txt"文件(例如:-usc:\location\readme.txt).对于不支持UDF格式的系统,这个文件是光盘根目录上唯一可见的文件。
-us 稀疏UDF文件
-ue 在UDF条目空间嵌入文件数据
-uf 嵌入UDFFID条目
-uv 强制UDF视频区兼容
-b "El Torito"光盘启动文件,无空格(例如:-bc:\location\cdboot.bin)
-p "El Torito"启动目录的平台ID
-e 在El Torito启动目录中不要设置软盘模拟方式
-s 在镜像文件中签上数字签名(无空格,给出RPC服务器名和结束点名称,像这样-sServerName:EndPointName)
-x 在镜像中计算并制作"AutoCRC"值
-o 优化容量:重复的文件只制作一次
-oc 更慢的重复文件探测方式:二进制比较而不是MD5哈西值
-oi 比较文件时忽略diamond压缩时间标记
-os 建立镜像时显示重复的文件
-w 警告级别,跟一个数字(例如:-w4)
1 报告不兼容ISO或Joliet的文件名或深度
2 报告不兼容DOS的文件名
3 报告零长度文件
4 报告进入镜像的每一个文件名
-y 试验选项,跟一个数字(例如:-y1),为试验的目的而产生ISO-9660的非标准变化:
1 在文件名后续加版本号';1'(7.5.1)
2 圆整目录大小为2K的倍数(
5 先写\i386目录,逆序
6 允许目录记录正好排到扇区结束点(符合ISO-96606.8.1.1但是突破了MSCDEX)
7 产生NT4.0下的16位应用程序时报警
b 块大小为512bytes而不是2048bytes
d 对于前64K相同而文件并不相同的情况不报警
l UDF?在文件条目中使用长ads代替短ads
r UDF?ad's的数目是随机的
w 以写共享的方式打开源文件
t 以十六进制模式调出El Torito启动镜像(例如:-yt7C0)
f 用更快的方法产生短名
-k (keep)即使某些源文件打开失败也生成镜像
-m 忽略镜像文件最大681,984,000bytes的限制
-a 《分配概要》显示文件和目录的大小
-q 只扫描源文件,不建立镜像文件
注: 这些选项中有许多可以让你建立不兼容ISO-9660同样也不兼容一个或多个操作系统的CD镜像。如果你希望严格兼容ISO和DOS,使用-w2警告级别并纠正所有的差异。你有责任保证所有产生的CD与所有相关操作系统兼容。同时注意微软公司信息会出现在镜像卷的头部,所以不要用这个程序为微软以外的公司制作CD。
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